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Strawberry Creek Lodge


1320 Addison Street, Berkeley, CA 94702

150 Units


80,851 SF


Rehabilitation of senior home community.


Satellite Affordable Housing Associates


BBI Construction




  • 2016 Gold Nugget Award of Merit, Best Seniors Housing Community

Design Approach

Strawberry Creek Lodge is a 53-year- old senior complex located in West Berkeley, one of the original affordable housing complexes in the area. This building was in need of a major overhaul that would breathe life back into the historic space, while still maintaining its affordability. The exterior updates include a new pallet of colors and greenery to bring warmth into the site. The addition to a new community garden includes widened, newly lit, ADA pathways for residents to enjoy the outdoors
both during the day and in the evening.


The interior of the building has several new features including a naturally lit library, eight ADA compliant units, a seismic retrofit, security system, and emergency lighting. The design of the building goes even further to add sustainable features to ensure its affordability. New solar panels provide 40% of the buildings electricity and reduce usage of gas. 

Strawberry Creek Lodge has had a positive effect on the community and its residents. 35 years ago, it had set the standard for affordable housing and will continue to inspire beautiful affordable housing for years to come.

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