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Oakland, California


Renovation of existing kitchen.

Design Approach

In this project, a kitchen in a mid-century modern home with strong bones needed only a limited design intervention from PWA to restore its original lustre, and make it welcoming and enjoyable to use. Resisting the trend of starting from scratch, we refinished the original and beautiful plywood cabinets, recessed spice storage into the wall to open up additional usable counter space and introduced new lighting to warm and brighten the space throughout. Where new materials were used, we selected them strategically to strengthen the original design in terms of function, ease of use and to simplify maintenance: a generous stainless steel wet-zone with an integrated sink, handsome quartz counters, a practical wood butcher block work area next to the stove, glass backsplashes that catch the light and can be simply wiped down and simple and smart chrome pulls on the cabinets.

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