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Marcus Garvey Commons


721 Wood Street, Oakland, CA 94607

22 units


22,941 SF


Rehabilitation and renovation of an affordable housing townhome complex in an economically disadvantaged area of West Oakland. 


East Bay Asian Local Development Corporation


BBI Construction



Design Approach

The property is adjacent to both a major freeway and the elevated BART tracks. Exterior noise
was common in every unit, and all four buildings looked tired and were in need of a major overhaul.
A redesigned entry gate, new siding, new signage, and vibrant exterior colors brought warmth and revitalized the sense of community for the residents. A complete update of the exterior included
exterior sound attenuation sheathing, fiber cement siding, new roof and flashing, and all new windows. The remodel significantly increased the building envelope performance for energy performance, waterproofing, and sound isolation, which enhanced the comfort and quality of life for residents
inside the units. Sustainable features including a new photovoltaic system on the roof, low water usage landscaping and new plumbing fixtures further ensures the affordability of the site. To increase comfort and safety to the existing patios and outdoor common areas, the exterior lighting was redesigned and
a new security system was added.

Marcus Garvey Commons was named in honor of Marcus Garvey, who sought to better the economic development of African Americans. Like its namesake, Marcus Garvey Commons has had a positive effect on the community and its residents. It continues to set the standard for affordable housing in a rapidly changing neighborhood.

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