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Everett Commons


2437 Eagle Avenue, Alameda, CA 94501

20 units


24,093 SF


New construction of 20 affordable housing units.


Housing Authority of the City of Alameda




  • Gold Nugget: Grand Award for Best Affordable Housing Community under 30 du/acre


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Design Approach

Everett Commons is a collection of townhomes nestled into a neighborhood of Victorian-era homes in the affluent island city of Alameda, California. It is an example of how to integrate much-needed affordable housing (for families and veterans) into an established, amenity-rich and historic setting where there was significant neighborhood opposition.


The project required extensive community outreach, municipal and historic review, and an iterative design process including multiple building design and siting options. The resulting design leverages contemporary construction techniques and materials to create new buildings that have a similar character and scale to their historic neighbors.


The site strategy developed three buildings with two principal elevations each, outwards toward the street, and inwards toward a pedestrian circulation spine. Variation of color, massing and roofs references historic patterns but with a welcoming, modern sensibility. Along the street, porches and stoops with varied door colors open directly to the sidewalk. The interior circulation spine connects semi-private patio spaces at each unit to a larger central patio and grassy knoll that doubles for play as well as general enjoyment of the outdoors.


Neighbors, originally vehemently opposed to anything new, have been enthusiastic about how the quality of the development contributes positively to their neighborhood.

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